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Who We Are

Pacific Wine and Spirits is an industry-leader distributor, offering the most authentic and character driven beverage brands since 1972. Over the course of 44 years, we’ve found a deep sense of pride in our efforts as both brand partners and as purveyors of evolutionary portfolio selections.

Pacific was founded with a love for distinct tastes; the unique and vibrant flavours offered by our partner brands helping to satisfy our thirst for outstanding merit. As time went on, Pacific found itself a conservator with a responsibility to a more modern palate.

Pacific aims to educate in the experience of its partner brands and promote the sociable nature the experience brings. We tap into our wealth of traditional knowledge and bring it full circle, incorporating exciting additions to the family and building legacy brands in the process.

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Old World Charm

Pacific’s traditional brand partners are the foundation for our 44 years of continued success. Drawing from our decades of partnerships, Pacific has learned to trust and embrace the aspect of "old-world charm." This charm lives within the traditional foundation of Pacific; grounding our outlook and refusing us a compromise of authenticity for flashy trappings.

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New World Understanding

While our rich and traditional history has helped make Pacific what it is, there would be no tomorrow if it weren’t for the inspirations of the present.

Pacific Wine and Spirits realizes that the future starts now, that’s why we take a special interest in the burgeoning brands of the industry. Besides their outstanding quality, these brands are pathfinders that show the way to a more inclusive and reputable future.

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Educating Others

After nearly 45 years of business, one thing has become incredibly clear. The culture of wine, spirits, and even beers is entirely daunting, if not dismissive to curious souls. Fortunately, Pacific has found that the perception of "wine culture" can be solved through open arms and open minds.

Pacific aims to educate all with unassuming presentation, informational tastings, and a portfolio that reflects our love of diversity. Through informative classes and a revolutionary approach, Pacific Wine and Spirits hopes to turn a once aloof culture into one that feels like home.

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Rich Experiences

The enjoyment of Pacific’s portfolio comes from the experiences it contains. Our partner brands devote their lives to their craft, which means one glass can contain generations of knowledge, practice, hardships, and success.

We as a distributor like to think that we not only bring a fine bottle to the table - we bring the whole package.

The whole package is meant to be experienced to its fullest, and Pacific is pleased to offer the methods to do so. Simply popping the top of your choice bottle opens the door to a whole new world.

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Our Brands