Whisky Wednesday with Waterford Distillery at Whisky Drop

Whisky Drop and Pacific Wines & Spirits are pleased to host a live tasting with Mark Reynier, owner of the ‘Premier Cru’ of Irish Distilleries … Waterford. Considered a bit of a renegade when he revitalized the iconic Bruichladdich distillery on Islay, Mark continues to turn traditional distilling techniques on its head by looking and doing things differently. Nowadays he is asking a very important question. “does ‘terroir’ make a difference?” On September 14 we will hear the stories, taste the whiskies and get to decide for ourselves.

The scheduled lineup includes (subject to availability):

The Cuvée

Hook Head Farms

Lakefield Farms

Organic Gaia 1.1

Organic Gaia 2.1

Biodynamic Luna 1.1

Seating is limited. To purchase your ticket visit https://www.whiskydrop.ca/products/whisky-wednesday-an-evening-with-waterford

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