Niagara Wines of Henry of Pelham With Penelope Irving

  • October 12, 2017 at 6:30 pm
  • Craft Cellars
Free Entry

Welcome to a Craft Cellars event ‘first!’

Our first wine event that takes us on a wondrous journey through the Niagara region of Ontario; a wine appellation both understated and underrated among wine enthusiasts. We’re about to change that! Join the very passionate Penelope Irving, whose years with Henry of Pelham have only heightened her already keen sense of appreciation for the sensational wines coming out Niagara; specifically, the incredible wines being produced at Henry of Pelham.

World-renowned for both their multiple award-winning Baco Noir and Ice Wine, Henry of Pelham Family Estate Winery has established a reputation for impeccable quality and consistency, as well as a bit of a cult following. Lucky for us, then, that we will be tasting their esteemed Baco Noir, supple yet complex Old Vines Baco Noir, and their decadent Ice Wine. Along with these 3 standouts, we will start the evening as you arrive with their Cuvee Catherine sparkling wine. They see aging en tirage for an average of 30 months, meaning that it takes up to 3 years from harvest to finished wine, exceptional in New World sparkling wine production at the non-vintage level. We will also taste their crisp, clean Riesling and Chardonnay.

From there, we move on to their 4 core reds, including the aforementioned Baco Noir, and then taste it side by side with the Old Vines Baco Noir for an interesting and delectable comparison. In another interesting twist and event ‘first’, this will be our first multiple food pairing with an ice wine to finish the event, culminating in a unique culinary experience to end the evening. Mark your calendars; our first trip to Niagara is going to be a memorable one!

Tickets are $30, and are available in-store or directly at the link below:


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