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Chateau Argadens – France

In 2002, Maison Sichel bought a property in Saint-André-du-Bois 60 km south of Bordeaux and renamed it Château Argadens in reference to the noble family which founded the estate in the thirteenth century. Château Argadens produces one white and one red wine. The very first vintage of Château d’Argadens won a medal in the Concours des Grands Vins de France in Mâcon.

Chateau Guiraud – France

From 1766, Château Guiraud juggled between non-conformism with claimed cultural and political ruptures and reinvention, always in search of prestige. Founders of the modern Château, the “Guiraud” merchant family built the mystery of Château Guiraud. Château Guiraud is a pioneer in many areas and uses 100% natural environmental practices and our commitment to the preservation of biodiversity.

Chateau Perron – France

Having been in the Massonie family for three generations, Perron is now the responsibility of Bertrand Massonie, whose drive, passion, technical skill and respect for the property’s exceptional terroir have contributed massively to its recent renaissance. One of the top wines in the appellation and a rising star of the Right Bank.

Chateau Trebiac – France

Skilfully managed by Arnaud de Butler, Château de Trébiac lies on a gravel plateau at Portets, 35 km south of Bordeaux. Over the past five years, both the estate’s vines and winery have been completely rehabilitated.

Maison Sichel – France

The first Bordeaux wine merchant to create its own winery back in 1967, Maison Sichel poured every last drop of skill and know-how into its brands. With SICHEL Bordeaux red, Margaux and Sauternes very exclusive lots are labelled under our own name.