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Dirty Laundry – Canada

For a modern winery, we go a long way back. Though our vineyards were established in the 1970s, our name dates to the 1800s and the building of the Canadian Pacific Railway. Our flagship wines, including Hush Rosé and the award-winning Pinot Noir are enjoyed coast-to-coast in Canada. Of course, the ultimate goal for our winery is fun. We have fun making it so you can have fun drinking it. We want to make wine accessible to everyone.

Henry of Pelham – Canada

In the late 18th century, our great-great-great grandfather was deeded the land on which our winery sits. Fast forward six generations and we’re still on the family farm. In 1984, Henry’s concord and Niagara grapevines were replaced with old world vinifera grapes. At the time, we were one of only a few Niagara wineries to make premium wines from our own grapes. In 1988, the winery helps found the Vintners Quality Alliance (VQA) with a handful of other Niagara wineries.